Dig That Cool Jazz, Man

So there was a change, recently, in Oklahoma City’s musical landscape.  First off, Ferris O’Brien was running 105.3 The Spy. Then some shenanigans occurred and there was a corporate takeover, so Ferris took the spy to the net, leaving the puppets to play some really not good stuff(when I speak like this, I am biting my tongue not to say what I really want.)

But then there was a total format change. The Faux Spy became 105.3 The Martini. And it plays Frank, Dean, Sammy, Bing, Nat, Etta, and Louie, amongst others. 

It’s Jazz, man. The Cool Jazz.

I should explain.

I have a hard time listening to classical music and instrumental jazz music. I get lost if  there are no words. I can’t form a connection to that music unless I can pick apart the words.  So I enjoy the jazz I can sing along with.

I need to hear the story. I need to have it all spelled out. We’re going to fall in love. We’re going dancing, and it’ll be cheek to cheek. We’re going for a walk.

I need them to tell me.

This music does the trick. I am enjoying this musical change so much,  my road rage has gone down 25% in the past few days.

It makes me feel…

Well, it just makes me feel. Which is nice.

Specifically, though, I feel giddy when Dean Martin starts singing to me in Italian. I chill out and lean back and sing along with Ella Fitzgerald to a song my girl’s jazz choir did in high school(“Someone to Watch Over Me”)

This music makes me feel happy, rather than just content. And it makes me slow down. I don’t know what it is, but I just slow….down…

It also makes me want….

It makes me want to dance.

It makes me want to really dress up and go to a supper club.

It REALLY makes me want to slow dance. And my dance card is empty.

I love this music, but I hate it, too, because it makes me want. And I’m too busy to be wanting things of any kind. I’ve squandered more time than I’d care to admit not paying attention to actual goals.

Music is one of the catalysts behind my writing. Most of my characters are into music, so I include it in their daily lives. I have several long playlists for each story I’ve started. For instance, the music my buddies in Straight2Video (formerly Unicity) play are a major inspiration for my first novel. Playlist #1 includes not only S2V, but Jewel, Joan Jett, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Kelly Clarkson, and so many others. My second story was inspired by Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, if you can believe that.

But wait. There’s more.  I am also working on the bare bones of a historical novel that has been inspired wholly by Lady Gaga and The Fame and The Fame Monster. I kid you not.  Each song has a scene it has inspired, and it fits into the  time periods I’m thinking of.

The music is what keeps me sane and steady and on the right path while I’m creating a world. It helps me to define the characters, design a setting.

And I need as much sanity as I can get. I’m working on all of my projects simultaneously. Novels 1, 3, 5 & 6 are all a part of a series; #1 is ready for another edit, 3 is in the process of the first edit of the first chapters, 5 & 6 are merely notes at the moment.  For Novel #2, I’m trying to write chapters 21-25 and get those edited. Number 4 is mostly scenes at the moment. It has been put on the back burner to get the first three ready. I’m also working on two shorter stories. It’s my first foray into shorter fiction…I have a real issue with that. Novel #1 needs another 10,000 words or so cut.

So you see now why I need music? It keeps me going.  And I have SO needed the romance that the new radio station is offering.


Samantha Jane Uses Her Words

Welcome to the newest blog under my belt. The others are…crazy ramblings. This *should* be more…what’s the word…FOCUSED. I won’t say “less chaotic,” because what’s the fun in that?
I have unofficially retired from my career in the local theatre community, and now I’m getting super-serious about writing and getting my words OUT THERE.

So. Join my on my newest journey into the wild and wacky world of being a romance novelist.