And I DON’T mean running. I don’t do that.
I was horribly incensed by a Harlequin Special Edition I bought this weekend. It was HORRIBLY written and I cannot believe that it was published ANYWHERE. It was a complete mess, with contradictions and no character/setting development to speak of, and random crap out of nowhere, and some stuff just dropped.
I’m a person who enjoys her details, so I was not pleased.
I decided to take a stand, thanks to my friend Molly, who basically said, “We can do better. Why don’t we?”
My answer to that was to immediately schedule a writing sprint, a la Jane Espenson (@JaneEspenson). My goal was to create a simple story that would be better than the mess I read this weekend. This is something I’m planning on doing daily, now through the end of August, to show that there actually IS a better story out there worthy of publishing.
FYI, Harlequin is basically where my romance readership started. I’m not hating on THEM, per se, just stating MY personal opinion on this ONE particular story that has fallen short of the high standards to which I hold them.

Oh, and I wrote 1516 words in that one hour sprint.

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