It’s More Like a Fast Walk, Really

The mundane phone call was the focus for this evening. It was just one tiny little scene, but it introduced a new character in this tiny universe, helping to flesh out the plot just a tiny bit…

I totally started in the middle of the story. Beginnings can be kind of difficult for me, so just jumping in on a random scene helps move the rest along. I can figure out the rest later.

Writing phone conversations can be a little difficult for me. When I was 12-17 or so, I LOVED the phone. My bff and I could be on the phone for HOURS AND HOURS talking about everything, nothing. When I got older, I HATED the phone. I still do. My cell phone, a pay as you go model, has way more texts than phone calls. I don’t have anything good to say on the phone, so I’ll end up “watching tv” with someone, or repeating the same couple of phrases over and over.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m pretty self-absorbed. If I wanted to, I could carry on a long conversation about…what I term to be stupid stuff. And my people heard the same thing ten years ago, so I don’t want to bore them.

It took forty five minutes to write a mundane, everyday conversation. Ugh. I never thought I’d see the day when I would have to research how to make a phone call.

But I added another 1432 words to this WiP.
That means I am writing.


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