Day 6…Well 7. I Got a Cramp

Not literally. I didn’t pull my hammy. There was no Charley horse. I made a conscious decision to NOT write anything yesterday. Saturday was a mildly weird day.

I announced on Twitter, while I was at work, that I would be sprinting after I got home, but then not long after, I changed my mind. It was a time for a brief rest.

I’m good about burning brightly and very hot for a short amount of time and then burning out. In running, the body will need some time to recover(so I hear. Last time I ran, I believe there were police involved, and it was a decade ago). So I consciously took an evening where I did nothing but eat wings, cheese bread and cupcakes.

I think I was eating my feelings, which, in retrospect, was probably not the best idea. I could have totally written something awesome, but I’ll never know now.

It had nothing to do with not being inspired, not having something to put on paper. I had it. I ignored it in favor of paying more attention to what others had created.

Just an evening off, I thought. But I guess that could be more damaging than I had thought.

I woke up late today and watched some dvds…long story short, I’ve been out of a dvd player for a few years now, and I’ve been dying to watch a few old favorites. Now I have one. It’s kind of like Christmas for me. It was kind of a gift to myself just to stay in bed and marvel at how different Captain Tightpants is from Rick Castle.

But then I realized that my goal isn’t going to make itself.
So I got out of bed and did a little warm up…Just a twenty minute jog to make up for last night, and to get the words flowing for tonight’s sprint, which I WILL be doing…and maybe two, once I’ve gotten other stuff in real life taken care of that has been neglected.

At least I added 407 words in this 20 minute warm up.

I am TRYING to write.


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