I Require Several Showers

Today was an odd day.

I got off work early in the day, and came home immediately, needing to chug something cold and sweet and in a can. I was expecting Dr. Pepper, but accidentally got a little drunk off of a canned Paloma. You know, a drink that includes tequila.


So. Accidental Drunkfest 2011 happened instead of the intensive writing sprints I was planning on. So I decided to do some research on some love scenes to see what other people did. I don’t actually own any movies that aren’t comedies or about Disney pirates or that have any sort of filth in them, so I decided to find some internet porn.

Not even going to lie.

And it was a difficult thing to do, having the dial up internet. It took hours to load a 5 minute video.

But I digress. My point is, this did NOTHING for my research, for my story. All it succeeded in doing was make me sad for these girls involved.

They looked dead inside. Disinterested. It was all perfunctory.

There was no connection, no emotion. The girl, and in some cases, the guy too, just seemed like soulless automatons.

I think I may have felt like that before. It’s probably why I am not out and about conducting my own personal experiments.
Well, that is probably one of many reasons.

So yeah, I decided I wanted to write a love scene today…
Well, I got the beginnings, a snapshot of leading up to it… It’s difficult to fantasize, and/or “write what you know” when you really have no idea.

But I added another 715 words tonight, via pen and paper while watching the first two Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The number is subject to change by the time I get it entered.

After the weird day I had, I could have skipped it altogether.
But I am writing.

Besides, POTC 2, Dead Man’s Chest is what got the writing ball started again when it came out in theatres. It makes sense.

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