Old School Style Just Isn’t Working

So I don’t have a laptop. I have an old, obsolete desktop PC that cannot be transported anywhere.

I DO have a DVD player whose wonders I have just rediscovered. Said DVD player is set up in my bedroom. The PC is in the living room.

The past couple of days, I’ve been watching the first two Pirates of the Caribbean movies via dvd(don’t have the 3rd, and am not sure how I feel about the 4th), using them as my inspiration instead of the ipod piping music directly into my eardrums. After all, the second movie being released in the theatre was what kicked off this whole writing resurgence a few years ago.

I’ve been too lazy to sit in by my computer and sprint, so I’ve been kickin’ it old school, with pen and paper.

It’s not working. I’m distracted by the visuals and it takes entirely too long to get the words down on paper…and I have the added hassle of having to input the pages into the document…which hasn’t happened for yesterday’s or today’s pages.

So I’m going to have to suck it up. Get back to the desk, playing that music that I know will inspire these fingers of mine to type the 1500 words in an hour that I know I can get, instead of the 640 I got today via longhand.

Ugh. I am writing, at least. Just not very fast, and not very much. (FAKE IT TIL WE MAKE IT, TORI!!! FAKE IT TIL WE MAKE IT!!!)


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