Friday Sprints with Jane Espenson

I love it when Jane Espenson hosts writing sprints via Twitter. I’m usually caught unawares, but I’m ready whenever she is.
She hosted two that were an hour long each. I got through about an hour and a half before a piece of German Chocolate Cake started calling my name.

I didn’t add a whole lot of New to the WiP, but I did input two days’ worth of scenes from paper to computer, so that’s something, and finished part of another. I really would have done more, but I’ve had a nagging headache for days, and I also had a very important project to finish before tomorrow. I’ll have Saturday AND Sunday off to not do a whole bunch of anything.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that my new writing Priestess will be hosting again…cuz when I host the party, I don’t think anyone shows up. Hell, I barely show up.

But…I am writing. So there.

I also worked out the actual numbers of words per sprint thus far…here’s the breakdown:

8/1 2766
8/2 951
8/3 1078
8/4 966
8/5 768
8/6 405
8/7 1516
8/8 679
8/9 838
8/10 712
8/11 889
8/12 485

Grand total words thus far…12,053. Not TOO shabby, but I need to pick it up. I think the beginning of the next week/end of the current one, I’ll be ready to create an outline and start putting the pieces together.


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