Tonight’s Sprint is Brought to You By a Baby Shower

As the title implies…I attended a baby shower today.

Sort of.

The hosts have been close friends for well over a decade, and were hosting for another couple who’ve been part of that same tribe for just as long.

I have this anxiety issue…Big groups, strangers, the unknown…all that makes me nervous and anxious. But I went. The soon to be parents are very important to me, so there was no way I wasn’t going to NOT go.

I got there a half hour before the festivities started to see if I could help out with anything, but really, it looked like I would be helping if I corralled their two boys.

The older of the two is seven, I believe, and in the second grade. He is way smarter than I ever thought about being (AND his dad, one of my oldest college friends, is an Evil Genius, and his sons are following in his footsteps. I saw the crazy Evil Genius look on the seven year old’s face today, like I had on his dad’s face more than a decade ago).

But I digress. When I say I sort of attended a baby shower, I mean that I showed up with a gift, made sure to greet the people I knew, and spent most of my time hanging out with the seven year old, who had to dumb down all of his games so that I could play them. I was SO not challenging enough for him.

Anyway, I was overwhelmed by the amount of noise coming from the main room, the amount of people I did not know, so I retreated to the safety of the child’s bedroom. And he was perfectly pleased to be entertaining me. His games kept me distracted from having an anxiety attack.

This actually helped inspire a scene I started this evening.
That’s why the big story there.

I added 737 more words to the WiP. I am writing.

Oh. Did I tell you, he also drew me a picture of the TARDIS? Cuz he did. Smart kiddo.


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