Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

So check ME out. I woke up today feeling as crappy as I had yesterday, but at least today brought some good news.
I found out I was the winner of Glitter Words’ #TuesdayTales flash fiction writing contest.

Go me!

Here’s my story:


The word came unbidden to her mind as her flesh started to crawl. She had learned the term years ago, in some class she’d taken, now long forgotten.

The word fit the mood. Her skin felt like it was crawling. She shuddered as she tried to soothe the goosebumps away with her hands, rapidly rasping them up and down her arms as she stood back and tried to figure things out.

She was too close for comfort. She couldn’t be the least bit objective here, not when the victim was so dear to her.

Not when the victim was herself.

Regarding the judge’s result:
“Per the words of our judgemaster: ‘I would go with Samantha12jane. I liked the voice, the ominous flavor, and the way it jolted me at the end.’ ”

To see the original stuff in all its glory, here’s your link:

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