Another pathetic night in Loserville, population: Me.

264 words.

That is ALL.

The shiny objects were back.

And there are a couple of things on my mind. And I have nails to bite down to the quick.

I think I’m a little stressed. Money. The dentist next Friday. The money I don’t have to pay the dentist next Friday. Or to the loan company for my old school loans. Winter is coming, and not just in Winterfell. I’m not prepared. My ac/heater fan went out at the beginning of summer, so I’ve been suffering through triple digit temps without any relief since. That also means I won’t be able to get any warm air circulating once the cold weather shows up. I keep hoping it’s a fuse, but I doubt it. That’s not the way I do things.
I’ve had a nagging headache for two weeks that can just remain in the background and let me work, or that jumps around and throbs like my heart is beating in my head. I’m probably dehydrated for the 3rd time this year.


Ok. Setting all that crap aside, I need a plan for this story. I think I’m going to need to take pen to paper and sketch it out a little more.

Bringing all that crap back in, I could use a cuddle buddy.
I don’t have much in the way of friends, and I wouldn’t cuddle with friends even if I did have them. To me, that would be too weird.

Uh oh. I think that’s part of my character coming through.
I seriously didn’t mean for this particular challenge to be THERAPY. I just wanted a nice, easy story to kick the ass of the last newest story I read.

Why is it that things never turn out the way I plan them?


I am NOT writing. But I’m thinking about it.


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