Laid Up

So I’m missing two days worth of blogs and word counts, if you haven’t noticed.

I physically feel horrible. I mentally feel horrible. I feel like I have actually been running, injured myself while training, and then got hit by a car. I feel this physically AND emotionally.

When a runner gets injured, he or she doesn’t just go right out and aggravate that injury–well, any smart runner wouldn’t do that. They would ice down their injury, put up their feet, and take a little bit of time off so that they didn’t injure themselves further.

As you know, as I’ve written here, I haven’t been feeling all that well lately. It got worse this weekend. Headache has mostly gone away, leaving the door open for other things to jump in and terrorize me.

Saturday night I didn’t add any words to the count, but I WAS working. I put my sprints in order and worked on a slightly more detailed outline for the first ten chapters, filling in some of the blanks.

Sunday’s plan was to fill in those blanks, but I just didn’t do anything productive on Sunday that didn’t involve laundry, dishes, or recycling.

There was no blogging either night…but I sure had plenty of dreams about this story. This particular story is messing me up, opening doors that need to remain locked…all of this with no relief, no real relaxation.

You can tell how relaxed I’m not by the fact that I wake up every morning with my jaw clenched, and having to tell myself to relax it.

My life may seem easy breezy, but it’s definitely not without tension, 24/7.


2 thoughts on “Laid Up

  1. I think something is going around… curling up in the fetal position with an icepack on the ground with my head pressed on it was not my idea of a great weekend plan. Hope you feel better soon! I know I am hoping this stupid aspirin starts doing it’s job.

    • UGH. Yeah, I’m wondering just what the problem is. I’m still definitely not feeling 100%, and as a matter of fact, other things are taking over my body. Headache is pretty much gone, but sore throat, infected tooth…yeah, not a happy camper here.

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