Slight Change of Pace

Didn’t do a whole lot this evening–ok, that’s a bit of a lie. I DID cook myself a very late dinner of beef brisket and Beer Mac & Cheese, which would have been SO DELICIOUS had I used enough salt and other spices, but I did not. Dessert more than made up for it: Turtle brownie with a side of Ben and Jerry’s Late Night Crunch, or whatever they are calling it(vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate covered potato chip pieces, and a salted caramel swirl).

Anyway, I read over the first chapter to see if I needed to add anything major(this is just the bare bones, I’m not great at throwing down anything but dialogue and exposition at first. The details of the setting and the characters–once I really know who they are will come next).

I got about halfway through the second chapter, but there was a hole that needed filling. It’s pretty late, so I’ll have to work on that tomorrow, along with a very important blog post I need to get to.

So far, without cleaning it up too much, this WiP, my August Romance, has 72 pages, and 16,862 words.

Phew. I am writing. Little by little, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

Link to the Beer Mac & Cheese:


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