Medical Leave

My nails are about done for.

I’m in the midst of a freak out regarding my dental appointment.

Original plan was to take care of an extraction on the top, both sides, involving gas. Yeah, not only can I not afford that, I can’t deal with not being able to chew on either side for two weeks. It would be a great weight loss plan, but no, that’s not how I want to do it.

Another dental issue decided to present itself, and now I have the choice to either get one normal extraction, on one side, with gas(hopefully), or to get a SURGICAL extraction, which requires me to undergo anesthesia.

Um. What? NO ONE told me about that. They sure did gloss over all of that my last appointment.

Me being under would require me to have a ride there and back. DUDE. The dentist is thirty seconds away from my apartment, but if the drugs they use are even remotely like the ones for the surgery I had on my neck(a surgery, which, I must say, I did NOT freak out about as much as I am right now, AND I even showed up by myself, with no one to wait for me)

I don’t HAVE anyone to give me a ride. A cab would be ridiculous. If I could figure out the bus…no, wait. STILL RIDICULOUS.
I don’t even have an emergency contact written down in my file.

It’s just me. Surviving independently.

Ok, wait. No, I had a couple of offers for a ride. One, from a sweet someone who is getting a bigger dental issue taken care of and I’m sure is going to be on narcotics that need to knock his ass out(I feel like a baby compared to him), and then another sweet soul I’ve known for just a few years, but barely know.

It’s very sweet of them.

And I’m not complaining about the lack of assistance in my life. I’m the one who dug my own hole/made my own bed, so I’m going to lie in it. I’d rather be on my own than have a bunch of crappy people, liars, around. I would probably have to beg for a ride, and I just don’t want the added stress of having to deal with assholes who would make me feel guilty for even asking for help.
So I don’t ask for help, and I won’t ask for help.
I SHOULD ask for help, but what reason do these people have to help me? I definitely don’t give them a good enough reason.

I think I’m just going to have to get some overpriced antibiotics to take care of the new flare-up that I can’t afford, and then just go with part of the original plan.


Folks, use me as a cautionary tale for your children who don’t want to brush their teeth. I have no back teeth anywhere, and what I DO have are tiny bits that have to be surgically removed. It’s a lovely horror story that will hopefully have them making good friends with their toothbrushes.

So, with all of this going on, I am NOT writing. I AM, however, about to lose my mind. Did I mention I have anxiety issues, panic attacks, and am prone to freaking out?

All that is happening. So if you don’t see much work from me this weekend, this is the reason why. I will do my very very best to get SOMETHING done, whether it be some blogs, or some new scenes for the August Romance that looks like it’s turning into a September Romance.

Yeah, I’m gonna go curl up in a fetal position in the corner until it’s all over.

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