Another Saturday Night

Gonna keep this one short. I need to go rewatch the new episode of Doctor Who so I can figure out what just happened. Also, I haven’t seen the new Torchwood, either.

And I have to figure out where my inspiration for a fictional engagement party is going to come from.

And also, how much I should actually be feeding these goldfish, b/c they sure are acting like they are starving. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to kill them by overfeeding them, but it makes me sad when they go to the top of the bowl and act like they’re looking for food. I’m not sure if I need to initially sprinkle more food in, or do it more often, or what….It’s been a good decade-plus since my last fish (RIP Topogigo), and I can barely take care of myself, and cats hate me….I forget where I was going with this…

Oh, wait.

Ok. Jane Espenson hosted a writing sprint tonight. I got 908 words churned out tonight, effectively finishing Chapter Three. Now. I have to figure out what Chapter Four will be bringing. I do believe it should be an engagement party, or perhaps something leading up to it…

But that isn’t for me to figure out right this very minute. Maybe my brain will unwind it once it’s put itself back together after the whole “Let’s Kill Hitler” thing.

So, it’s Saturday night, after a dental visit, and I feel fine. A little lonely, but fine. Doctor Who has given me some laughs and tears, and Jane Espenson helped me sit down and find words, and a Twitter buddy gave me a label I don’t mind too much having, but it’s making me think I’ve got to be on the straight and narrow…Yeah, right. But more on that later.

It’s Saturday night, and I have felt like writing. What a shock.

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