Sunday Night Merry Go Round

Sounds like a fun title, huh?
Yeah, I kind of feel like I’ve been going ’round and ’round on a merry go round, life swirling about, making me dizzy.

For some reason, I’m still not feeling up to snuff today. I slept fairly late and was still pretty groggy when I “came to life” about 5PM CST. I spent most of the day lazing about, watching the River Song collection(she is a total badass)and wondering what kind of shenanigans Lady Gaga was going to get up to at the VMAs.

I was also trying to figure out Chapter Four. It took until about…oh, ten PM to actually realize, Oh, THIS is how I can segue into this scene, and then closer to midnight is when I got started. I didn’t do very much, but I got the beginning of the scene down. Now I think I need to shift from one character POV to another, something I don’t think I’m very good at doing.

Really, I just write what pops into my head. As my college and writing buddy Anne told me(waaaaaaay before Lady Gaga said it), I need to honor my vomit. I am working on it.

It really does seem like a whole bunch of vomit that dribbles onto the page. Some of it works, some of it doesn’t, but at least there’s a placeholder until I find something that does work. Hey, it’s the roughest draft ever, I’m ALLOWED.

Like I said, I didn’t get much done tonight. 247 words, to be precise. Perhaps I can get Chapter Four done tomorrow, and then get on to figure out what Chapter Five is supposed to be about, b/c Chapter Six is ready to go…I think.

This is a pretty fun exercise, and I guess it’s helped draw a couple of others out, too. Yay for Molly doing her first sprint!!! It DOES feel nice to get some words on paper, doesn’t it.

So she’s writing. I’m writing. We’re all writing!


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