The Finish Line

Here I am at the end of August…actually, it’s after midnight, so it’s technically September 1. (You hear that, Mother Nature? SEPTEMER. So cut it out with the triple digit temps and give us a cool breeze and some rain for these fires, k?)

I made it. I am completely surprised that I actually made it this far without giving up. There were times when I wanted to, but instead of throwing my hands up in the air and walking away, I took some time to breathe and try to relax(which still isn’t happening)and think about this story that I headed into with absolutely no idea where it was going.

Now I have the first five chapters, and a good chunk of scenes done and ready to be filled in. Oh, and last night, I continued for a page or so after I logged off the internet, so instead of whatever last night’s word was(317 or 371, I think), I added 645 words. Tonight, I finished chapter 5, and added 754 words.

Here’s the breakdown.

I have the first (VERY ROUGH) 29 pages down. The other scenes I have on paper make the total of pages 79.

The word count of the entire shebang, including the CHAPTER ONE, etc titles is….drumroll, puhlease…..


And that doesn’t include the words already edited out, or the companion blogs, or the outlines. If I included all the details I intend on including, that total would be higher, but I’m the kind of gal who needs to vomit out all the bare bones and come back later and flesh out the details.

So, go me.

Now. If you will excuse me, I’m going to go pass out and try to dream about how to start Chapter 6, which has to do with the planning of a wedding and stag parties.

PS. Thanks to all who have encouraged me this month. Youse guys rock.

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