September Romance

Well, hello, new month. The bitch August has finally decided to take a hike. GAWD, that was a long, hot month. I don’t mind the length of the month, as long as September brings a little cooler air, oh please.

Ok, so August garnered about 20,000 words and 79 or so pages of vomit that I am carefully trying to string together in a cohesive fashion. So far, that means that I got five chapters done.

Before I started work on the WiP that is now called my September Romance, I joined a new challenge today that I hope I’m up to.
Thanks to Glitterlady and Lady Antimony, I learned of This website is based on Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way morning pages.

At first, I was hesitant to join in on the fun. I’d been involved with TAW in college, while in the theatre program, but it wasn’t the best experience. Then I tried it on my own. I didn’t really feel I had learned very much in my experience, but I wasn’t really putting my mind to it. And the morning pages became more of a chore than something that was supposed to set me free.
Well, with many distractions, I wrote 751 words on so that I could join in on Day One.


But then I remembered…oh yeah, I’ve got that crazy story I need to get on.

Well, I just wrote 1029 words for Chapter Six, and am planning on doing a little longhand work when I get ready for bed. It seems as if my new routine is to write what I can when I get home from work, and then get in bed with a movie and a notebook and write a few hundred more words before I pass out.

So, we’ll see what happens. All this writing is definitely going to keep me from causing a ruckus on the streets. It won’t necessarily distract me from what I am currently missing(as my first 750 words entry has shown me), but I’ll at least have something to do while I’m missing whatever it is I’m missing.

Guess what? Including this blog, I have written over 2000 words today. Take that, whoever!


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