Let’s Catch Up

Ok, this has to be a quickie. I’ve got to go in to work, and I wanted to make sure I have all of my progress so far this month listed somewhere that isn’t on some sheet of paper I’m about to spill something on.

I’ve been busy with 750 words, the thing like morning pages that is starting to seriously depress me. I’ve got a 6 day streak going, so yay.

Ok, the first almost-full week of September has nearly two chapters done already. The second chapter is full of words that I wrote in August that I’m revising a bit as I go to fit with the new stuff, so most of the work is already done. Yeah, right. Writing Chapter Six, and then the lead up to Chapter Seven has taken for freaking ever, and it’s just a few paragraphs from being done. That’s tonight’s assignment. Actually, there’s a lot of material down for the next couple of chapters that need a little filling out, so yay again.

Ok…time is running out. Here’s the breakdown for the past week or so…..

9/1 1029 words
9/2 502 words
9/3 889 words
9/4 244 words
9/5 600 words
9/6 715 words—but that count isn’t totally accurate, with the new and the old coming together, but close enough.

Much of this work has been done longhand in my bed. I spent 36 hours in bed this long holiday weekend, watching movies and dozing and eating and writing. That is what I’ve done lately.

Now. I’m off to start the day. Hopefully I won’t be too lazy to post tonight after doing a little bit of work.

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