Nothing But True Blood

As this particular title suggests, I’ve done nothing lately but watch True Blood. (NOT drink Tru Blood…don’t be gross)
I finished watching Season 4 and found myself with a little extra time until the new Fall schedule begins, and I saw the first two seasons at the video store, so I’ve been trying to keep myself busy and off the streets.

Since I hadn’t seen those first two seasons, I was pretty enraptured. Every night, I’ve taken a notebook to bed to write the beginnings of a scene that I’ve needed to get done, but nothing has gotten done.

I’ve been depressed, angry, not feeling well, lonely, hopeless…so many issues, so little time. I’ve used those feelings as the excuse not to write. Instead, I got sucked (sorry) into the world of True Blood, seasons 1 and 2(btw, the first episodes were like an extremely horrible play, the characters caricatures of the ones I know today. I’m so glad I started watching at Season 3, otherwise, I might not like this show so much.)

I’ve also been reading. I received a book in the mail that I desperately need to review, and a couple of others…One is the book that spurred this whole challenge. I keep hoping that it will help me remember the reason I started on this journey. I keep finding mistakes and issues in that book, but I’m a little more apathetic.

After I got off work on Friday night, I finished up season 1, falling asleep somewhere around 4am. I woke up around 1pm or so, and turned on season 2. I stayed in bed all day. ALL DAY. I got up for food and the bathroom, but I even ate in bed, careful not to get any crumbs or ketchup on the now-clean sheets. I would pop into the living room for a cigarette and to see what was happening in Internet Land.

That would send me straight back into the bedroom, because all anyone could tweet about was Doctor Who spoilers (Yeah, thanks for that, jerks), so I’ve pretty much had to stay away from Twitter or Facebook, and instead play solitaire on while I finish a Camel.

Then, about 10:30, I came back out into the living room and turned on the tv for Saturday Night Live. Earlier on in the evening, I thought about SNL, the JT/Lady Gaga ep, as a matter of fact. Then I see a tweet that says that this is the ep that is on. My Gaga-sense was twitching today, I guess.

So I watch the show, finally laughing and smiling and really enjoying myself–thanks to JT and Gaga for the good time.
Then I see Ms. Jane Espenson tweeting about a Writing Sprint. I really like to join in when I can. What better time to try to work this scene out?

She is super encouraging in her personal tweets to me, and to others. I seriously wouldn’t be doing this Personal Challenge without her influence. So I raise my glass, my pen, my mouse, to Jane and all the writers she is inspiring with this simple exercise.

(PS Sookie and Bill are SO BORING and ANNOYING. I’m Team Eric all the way.)

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