Lazy Sunday

And sorry, it’s not a Lonely Island-style “Lazy Sunday.” It was more like yesterday’s Lazy Saturday, but with a lot more dozing off.
Spent another day in bed, this time re-watching the True Blood season 1, but with the commentary. I’m a sucker for anything with commentary. Maybe I’m just lonely for other people. Or I just like commentary.

Anyway, another day…not necessarily wasted, but one where I didn’t do much. I came out of the inner cave to hang out in the outer cave to watch and live tweet the Modern Family Awards…I mean, the Primetime Emmys. I love tv, so this was like Christmas…no, wait. TOMORROW is like Christmas, because Castle is back tomorrow night…

Anyway, I did that for 3 hours and then worked on my 750 words challenge, and then finished a chapter. This one is Chapter 9. Most of it was already done. It needed some tweaking to fit the new stuff I had written.

So I basically cheated. But hey, it got a chapter completed. This next chapter is mostly done, too. Just needs a little bit more added to it And that will give me five chapters done for September, the same amount for August. But I have a few more days of September to rack up another chapter or two.

I seriously don’t know how I’m going to get this one over and done with in less than 25 chapters without some having way too many pages.

I like to talk. I say lots of stuff without actually putting any detail forth. I’m wondering if it would be a good idea to post this rough draft on Book Country, or if it would be way too embarrassing.


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