Happy Halloween!

Thought I would throw in some Halloween spirit in the form of this week’s Menage Monday contest entry.

Why did she decide to WALK to this party? Why was that ever a good idea in this town? Especially NOW, when God-knows-what was chasing her. Whatever it was was hot on her heels and getting closer.

Amy tried to put on some speed and grace and NOT trip over the Railroad Tracks to Hell, but it was getting difficult.

WHY was whatever it was chasing HER, and WHY was it guiding her down the tracks to Creepy Skull Mountain?

Ok, it didn’t really matter WHY it was after her, only that she needed to get AWAY from it.

She thought she’d outsmarted it by losing the red cloak flowing out behind her and then doubling back, but the wily creature was hot on her tail still. She just ended up running in circles anyway, making herself dizzy, and getting her wig caught on the low-hanging branches.

“Dammit! That thing cost a hundred bucks!” she huffed, wincing at the stitch in her side.

All thoughts of her poor costume flew out of her head when she heard snarling and growling behind her. She kept her legs pumping, her slippered feet getting cut by the stabby rocks on the dry ground.

All the running and fear and adrenaline was making her nauseous. Every deep breath was a cause for alarm. Never mind the darkness and the howling Boriphaginae behind her. The nausea and her clumsiness might be the end of her, she thought as that last stumble sent her to her knees.

“Great. I’m covered in blood,” she moaned in disgust. “Make it easier for them to find you, why don’t you?” She whipped around, realizing that the howls were coming from a different direction.

She scrambled her to feet, uncertain which way to run. It seemed as if the sounds were all around her. Then she heard, close to her feet: “Stop bloody running. You’re a damned hard monarch to protect.”

Amy whirled around, but saw no one. Her eyes lowered to see a humongous wolf or dog or whatever it was, sitting on his haunches, his teeth bared.

“Excuse me?”

She wasn’t sure, but she thought the wolf gave her a dirty look. “Stay where you are,” he commanded in a low growl before turning his head back up to the moon and giving a shrill howl.

“I have the Queen, everyone continue to protect the perimeter,” his voice boomed.
Amy stared at the dog/wolf/being in part fear and part disbelief. “Oh. Never saw that coming,” she mumbled just before hitting the ground in a dead faint.

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Well, Nanu-Nanu to you, too.

Ok, so I am exactly, as of this posting, one hour away.

I am not participating.

Not exactly.

You see, I’ve had this little monkey on my back that I’ve been working on since August 1.

So I’m going to use this for my NaNoWriMo business. (I don’t want to be left out of all the fun.)

I have a rough draft that already needs tons of work before I even post it on Book Country to get some more eyes on this thing. I’ll have plenty of words to throw down.

So, sure I’m doing NaNoWriMo. Kinda. Sorta. I’m Unofficial NaNoWriMo.

I can’t put this one away, not just yet. It’s actually coming together. I ACTUALLY am starting to like my characters, now that I know more about them. It’s like I’m NaNoWriMo-ing every month. It’s always something new every month.

And I mentioned in my last post that I was a bit ahead of the game, so I got 4 character sketches done, settled on the setting, and I started with the scene breakdown. I need to make sure my POV is clear. I also took the opportunity to jot down some notes for the first five chapters or so, about getting rid of all the exposition that is bogging it all down, things I need to be thinking about going into this rewrite.

So I’m ready to put this thing together so it can get ripped apart again.

I can’t wait.

Happy Halloween!

Picture This–Sicily, 1926

Sophia Petrillo was a hell of a story teller. She set the scene of her memories so well we could almost see it(and sometimes we did).

So I finished the first rough draft of my WiP. Finally. Now it’s time to do some digging. I have to figure out every nuance of the characters, each scene, to find out the purpose of every thing and everyone.

Including the setting. In my head, where I set the story was basically New York. Probably just because I’ve always wanted to go there, and it seems the easiest place to set a story. But when I got to thinking about it, I realized NY was just a cop out, and way too big for my purposes. And I HAD to set the story somewhere solid, even if I don’t ever mention the name of the city or town specifically. I need to know.

So I had to think of a place that was a big city, just one that wasn’t quite as big and scary as NYC, but still a little intimidating. And then I had to find a nice little suburb of this city in which to base my characters.

And that’s what I did yesterday. Instead of reading and going over the story to ask questions of what details I missed, what things need to be included, etc, I decided to find out more about the characters, starting with the setting.

I chose Chicago to be my City, and after a slightly short search on the internet for some names of suburbs and towns, I narrowed my search down to a few places, and then asked some folks who ACTUALLY LIVE NEAR, OR IN Chicago for their feedback.

I chose Oak Park as my suburb. I was told that it is trendy and on the rise. I looked at pictures and the town website and found it perfect for my needs.

I just don’t have any actual knowledge of this town, so I am reliant upon the eyes and memories of others. But as this book is a work of fiction, and I don’t refer to the city or the town by name, it’ll be ok to fudge my “facts.” I’m just trying to give the aura of the place, not specifics.

Really, I want this story to be able to be seen as if it can be told ANYWHERE. I want this to be able to be ANYONE’S story.

So the references will be vague, but solid in my head so that I can tell the story. But I can’t be vague when it comes to describing homes and the general surroundings…

I’m a dialogue girl. Setting and exposition ain’t my thing.

But apparently it is.

The End: Version 1

I JUST THIS MINUTE TYPED “THE END” on my first rough draft of what I’m calling “October Romance.”


After taking forever to finish the chapter that wouldn’t die(ch 19), I wrote the final chapter today. With a bit of a cheat, that is. I had a good chunk of it done, but there was still a lot to do.

Apparently. Because chapter 20 is 14 pages long and contains 3840 words.


But that will all be taken care of in edits. The current chapters that are too long will be busted down into shorter ones. Some info will be added, some will be taken away.

That’s how the game is played, right?

I can’t even tell you how it feels to have gotten this draft completed. It’s been in the works since August 1.

Now, it’s time for the hard work to begin.

Wait. That WASN’T the hard part?

Not even a little bit. Now it’s time to go back and ask some questions, figure out some details that I missed.

But the work, for the evening, is done.
I’ll start fresh tomorrow.

For the record, this story is 154 pages and 40684 words long.

Damn. As long as it has taken thus far, you’d think I’d have “Gone With The Wind.”

The Neverending Chapter

The title of this post is a bit of a misnomer.

I JUST finished Chapter 19. It wanted to go on for a little while longer, but I made the executive decision to MAKE IT STOP. Whatever I was going to add to this last little bit will be moved to Chapter 20, which is already shaping up to be a much shorter chapter.

Chapter 19 is 11 pages long and contains 2715 words.

I already know that it’s too long, but guess what? Don’t care. It’s done.

I’ll be going over and over this mess when I’m finished with Chapter 20. I think I’ll go outline that bit and get ready to do some more longhand. It’s way more comfortable to write when I’m relaxing on the couch, and since my PC is NOT a laptop, it’s all about pen and paper.

Damn, but that chapter wore me out.

But then, weddings usually do.


That’s the sound that my brain made today after it exploded.

Suffice it to say, it’s been a helluva week. It wasn’t necessarily a BAD week for me, just flipping chaotic.

Lemme tell you a secret. I thrive on chaos.

And boy do I have it in abundance.

So. I JUST finished transcribing Chapter 18! Woot. Only two more rewritten/reimagined chapters to go. yaaaaay.

I was so hoping to be done before the Rescheduled Rapture, but October 21st is here. No dice. Oh well.

At least I got this one done. 10 pages, 2562 words. Some of the goodness came back to me so I could re-include it. I hope the magic continues for Chapter 19. I have NO freaking clue how I started it. And starting is the hardest part.

But so is ending. I have a tendency to just keep going, even when it’s all over. Like now, for instance. I’ve given you the information that I need to, but I’m still rambling.

Ok. I’ll end this post with a promise. One day soon, maybe once I’ve got these final two chapters in a rough form, I’m going to post some of the spam comments I’ve gotten on my blog…I want to see if YOU can make any sense of them. They’re all pretty generic, for the most part, and when I look back at the blogs they are referring to, it cracks me up just a little, b/c they are saying things that make NO sense.

OH. And I will also throw down my Tuesday Tales and Menage Monday entries. They might be entertaining for a short read, maybe you can get a sense of my style of writing that isn’t a blog.

And MAYBE I’ll hook the blog up with some redesigning or something.

You know what? Just like Donna said to Ten, (and I’m paraphrasing here), “Sometimes you need someone there to stop you.”

So I’m stopping.

Right now.

Good night.

Deja Vu. Deja Boo.

Welp, I’ve finished Chapter 18. AGAIN.

To catch you up, I lost the last two and a half chapters of my current WiP.


What I had completed was what I wanted. Exactly how I wanted, with a few changes that needed to be made. When I couldn’t find what I had already written(and believe me, I looked. EVERYWHERE.), I took a couple of days to screw my head back on and start over.

I don’t have an exact word count, as I only have the last part of this chapter handwritten. I haven’t transcribed it yet. I only JUST finished. Don’t hurry me.

I’ll start on that tomorrow, get you a decent word count, and then start AGAIN on Chapter 19.

I don’t think I’ll be done with these last 2 and a half chapters before the Rescheduled Rapture when it occurs October 21, but I don’t know that will be a problem.

For now, though, I’m going to go lie in bed and finish watching the True Hollywood Story of Natasha Richardson and hope that it washes away all the thoughts of zombies and gunshots I’ve experienced tonight(I’ve been watching The Walking Dead and Red State, for the record.)

So, I’ll holla at y’all later. It’s been a hell of a couple of days.