October 2.2

Hey, looky here. Two blog posts in one day. Sort of. It’s actually October 3 now, but I haven’t been to sleep yet. For my purposes, it is still Sunday, October 2.

I just finished chapter two.

Most of the chapter was devoted to exposition. Once again, I hope I wasn’t too heavy handed with the info I needed to get in.

The biggest info was probably the secret that only the cousin knows and is keeping from the best friend. She suggests he treat her gently, just to see what happens.

Before you ask, by the way, yes, Mark is a dancer, and no, he is not gay. Also, Casey is not a threat. He does not look at Casey that way. She’s his best friend. End of discussion. His words, not mine.

I’ve been thinking that Mark needs another name change. He started out as “Blake” before I changed it to “Mark.” But whenever I try to think Mark, I think Blake, but I really don’t want to use the name Blake. I think I need a name with two syllables, perhaps a name that contains a nickname. Like “Jason/Jase.” And no, Jason isn’t this dude’s name. I think I’ve got a little General Hospital on the brain at the moment. (My Twitter timeline is always filled up by #JaSam fans.)

And I’m thinking two syllables, max. Broderick would be way too much. Clark isn’t enough. Hunter is out. Seriously, why would anyone name their child Hunter? Did this fad start because of the NBC tv show in the 80s?

I’m sorry. It’s very late, and I’ve been busting ass all day on those two chapters, and part of the last.I’ve also been trying to make notes for outlines, timelines, and character bios.

Tell you what. I’m gonna hold a tiny little contest. Comment if you have a suggestion for a name for a 29 year old, dark haired, brown eyed dancer. He’s not really ethnic in anyway that I know of as of yet, so I can’t tell you if he’s of Greek ancestry, or Russian or whatever. I simply don’t know too much about him yet. He is the romantic lead opposite Emma Marie Smith, Casey Jennings best friend, and Greg’s younger brother.

If I end up using your name, I’ll send you one of the copies of a book I was given to review. It’s definitely not my kind of book, but I really enjoyed it.
And if you have a better middle and last name for Emma, I’ll throw a book your way, too.

edit: forgot to give you the stats.
Chapter 2 is 7 pages and has 1942 words.


6 thoughts on “October 2.2

  1. A not gay dancer? how can he not be ethnic? Damn it I just can’t see an american boy growing into dance unless there was some unusual circumstance. Perhaps his grandfather who resembles the most interesting man in the world was a russian ballet dancer. In which case he would probably be named after his grandfather Alexander and he could go by Alex, lex, or zander. As the lone non latino heterosexual dancer in america he would be constantly having to prove his manliness, for god sakes i hope he was at least a star running back in high school. ha ha ha.

    • Being from a theatre background, I can say that straight male dancers were few and far between. But I found a few of them in my time.

      As for the question of ethnicity…I just haven’t discovered his family secrets. Maybe if I can land a last name, I might get a clue. But he is an American by birth…so far…

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