Hurtling Through Time–Winter is Coming

As fast as it’s legs will carry it. I just went outside for a moment and got a taste of the cold chill in the air tonight.

I really need to get my heater fixed.

Ugh. Whatever. Not here for that.

Got 3 chapters done this evening, all in rapid succession.
It was really easy to read.

But then, I thought: Isn’t that the point? At least, in this particular challenge? This isn’t a story with a deep, rich history that has to span generations. This is something that is supposed to be no more than 65k. Well, I’m not there yet. We’re safe.

I’ve kind of been treating this story like it IS supposed to be horribly complex. But it’s not. It’s really not all that intricate. It plays out in 20 chapters so far. Twenty short chapters.

So what does that mean?

Did I write enough?
Did I write too much?
Are there enough details?
Is it too much?
Can you SEE these characters?
Do I need to add two other scenes, just for fun, to make it longer?
Does it read too easy?

All those questions, all at once.

This isn’t a story that is totally near and dear to me like some others in the past. I’ve known this story for the shortest time, so I’m concerned whether I’m missing something.

I think I am

But I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Fingers crossed.

Chapter 4:
7 pages
2014 words

Chapter 5:
5 pages
1376 words

Chapter 6:
5 pages
1128 words

(Don’t forget. If you can think of a better name for my MMC, comment on one of my recent blogs. If I chose it, I’ll send you a copy of a book I was given to review and share.)


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