Chapter 12

It didn’t want to end.
12 is one of my so-called “lucky” numbers…Once this chapter got started, it never wanted to end.
And it’s not that exciting of a chapter, really. It was full of new stuff…I actually had to learn a bit about ballet.

WHY did I make my FMC a ballet student? Luckily, she’s in a BEGINNING ballet class, but STILL.

It’s taken DAYS just to get a few words on the page. There’s more of that to come, if this chapter is any indication. I think the next couple of chapters are missing scenes, so it’s going to take a little longer than just a tiny bit of revising and editing. I could fly through three chapters a day like that…

My head hurts.

But here’s the rundown:

Chapter 10: 10 pages, 2688 words

Chapter 11: 6 pages, 1533 words

Chapter 12: all new material. 8 pages, 1889 words.

So I’ve been doing stuff. You just can’t tell.

I’m going to bed now.

I will catch youse guys on the flip!

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