Today has been one of those days from Hell. It’s an odd kind of day in Hell, b/c it’s not been all that bad, really.

Came home last night to find one of my closets flooded. Upon inspection, I found that the hot water tank was leaking.

It was ten o’clock on Saturday night. It wasn’t a DISASTER of epic proportions, so I decided to wait until Sunday afternoon to call maintenance. I needed to pull out everything from that closet into the living room, and get rid of the moldy, wet, broken gross stuff so that it would cover the day to day mess I live with that the management tends to frown upon.

Yeah, well, I frown upon shoddy living conditions to start with, but that’s a whole other conversation.

Anyway, I woke late on Sunday, like, LATE, and immediately starting hauling boxes into the living room. I woke late, mostly because I went to bed late, and then had to keep getting up every 2 hours to dump the bowl that had been collecting water.
Like it was a baby that needed feeding or changing.

Every. Two. Hours.

You’d think I’d be in bed RIGHT NOW. There are boxes everywhere and I need to make up the bed, so I’m procrastinating.

I haven’t been able to write anything on Chapter 13 for two days, so I decided to think about my characters a little bit. Try to find out some more about them. I started with the physical and then found some celebrity pics that might help illustrate my characters to me. Then I might be able to find out which attributes pull me to them and might possibly reside in the characters.

This is actually a much harder exercise than I thought it would be. I’m only half done with my main characters.

Greg and Casey (Mark’s brother & Emma’s cousin) were the easiest, so I’ll start there.

There is only one character/actor that I have been sure of since I created him.

Greg is….

“Captain Awesome” from Chuck, Ryan McPartlin.

At first, I thought of Greg as being gorgeous, and perfect, and in the background. But then this picture inspired a scene that I need to include in the story.

To me, this photo says, “Dude, you need to be sure what you are doing.” Mark definitely could use some advice.

And how can you resist this?

If you were Casey, wouldn’t you just RACE down the altar to this?

Greg was so easy. SO easy.

Casey was pretty easy.

She’s got the Hayden Panettiere vibe, only she’s a lot taller than the former Heroes freak show.

Hayden’s got the sexy, the confidence, the fashion sense that I feel Casey would have.

She’s got that sultry, maturity thing going on…at least in her pictures.

But Casey used to be a bit of a party girl. I could totally see this doing the walk of shame home during her college years…

And I could also this a taller version of this walking down the aisle towards Captain Awesome:

Going further into Casey, I can totally see some other actresses in her as well:

Such as Kate Hudson. She’s got that sorta natural thing going on. She has a touch of goofy in her soul, which is always fun, but she’s got a nice, open aura.

Casey’s also got a touch of that Julianne Hough cuteness. Imagine this with green eyes instead of blue:

Ok, so Casey is gorgeous. How boring is just plain gorgeous? I’m not saying that these above ladies don’t have any personality or anything else going on…they just don’t have that sparkle of humor and caring and smackdown that Casey requires to deal with her best friend Mark.

So here I employ the gorgeous and hilarious

Leslie Mann.

She’s got that older sister vibe. You know the one, where she gets all up in your business and comments on it.
Casey isn’t too mouthy yet, but she’s got the vibe.

So THIS took me ALL DAY. Ok, All evening, as I woke up late and dealt with all the water that’s been trying to kill me this weekend.

Casey and Greg were so easy to nail down with celebrities, but Emma and Mark are SO difficult. All I know about Mark, really, is that he is a [straight] dancer with dark hair and dark eyes with a nice build. And Emma, for a long while, was a red head in my brain, but I don’t think Emma is a ginger. I want her to look a little like Casey…not enough for anyone to confuse them. Maybe her hair is more honey blonde than dirty, and her eyes are blue, not green.

That’s pretty much all I know about them. I’ll [try to] sleep on it and see what I can come up with.

‘Til next time…

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