Characterization Pt 2

In spite of all the crap I went through yesterday, I had a lovely Monday. I even got to go home from work a little early.
So I came home, dyed my hair a lovely shade of Ronald McDonald Red, watched Castle, and got to work on this blog. It’s been 3.5 hours. Dial up makes things take 5X as long as they should.

BUT I think I’m a little closer to Emma and Mark. A LITTLE.

But first, a Casey-type that I forgot. And I don’t know HOW I forgot.

Kristen Bell would be a PERFECT Casey-type.

Ok, so Mark. He is a dancer. He’s danced in many shows on tour, and is now retired, settled, and teaching in a dance studio he helped to co-found. And he is straight.

No, really. He IS.
There ARE straight male dancers.
I know at least two.

Stop laughing.

Are you done?

Ok. Anyway, I can’t nail down Mark…exactly. I don’t even know if I want him to be a Mark. I’m thinking of going back to Blake. Or maybe pick another name. I dunno. But here are some celebs I think of when I think of Mark.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy

I mean, come ON. WHO is sexier, dancier, and manlier than Maks on that dance floor? (Oh, hush.)
Lean hips. Niiiice arms. Powerful. Talented.

LOOK at those long legs, and the joy you can see he feels from performing.

And just LOOK at those lickable abs. And that touch of surly definitely doesn’t hurt.

Maks isn’t the only master of the ballroom that inspires Mark.

Not even the only DWTS MotB…also a SYTYCD contestant…

Dmitry Chaplin
Long, lean torso…long, long arms. I mean, really, wouldn’t YOU want a hug?

And what about the SEXIEST, MANLIEST, throw you around and have hate sex with you kind of dancer?

Patrick Swayze, AKA “Johnny Castle”

Not that Mark is going to be involved in that kind of dirty sex, but you get my drift.

Now, how about some Orlando Bloom?



Comfortable and filled with humor.

Mark’s kind of a superman, too.

I could totally see Brandon Routh as being a shorter, younger Mark…sans eyeliner, of course, but with the intensity and force of Agent Shaw from Chuck.

So Mark is all over the board.

And how weird is it that I almost typed “Alex” instead of “Mark”?

Ok, on to the most important person in this story.

Emma. She’s shy, has always been a bit withdrawn…and different. (You’ll see when you read the story)She’s a beautiful girl, but she doesn’t go out of her way to enhance her beauty. She doesn’t like being the center of attention, and lives her life on the fringe.

I first thought of Emma as a redhead, but for some reason, I keep fighting the redhead vibe. She’s not that “redheaded spitfire” you always read about. She doesn’t WANT to be.

So I wrote her as a blonde. I’m trying really, really hard to think of her as a blonde. Similar enough to Casey to know immediately that they are related, but different enough from her so that the reader doesn’t sense that Mark is confusing one girl for another.

But then, I saw THIS picture

of Deborah Ann Woll, aka True Blood’s resident Baby Vamp “Jessica Hamby,” and I was DONE.

This photo is EXACTLY what I think of when I think of Emma’s character. Sadness, intensity, vulnerability, fear, anger. Those blue eyes are SO expressive.

And in this photo, DAW is STRAWBERRY BLONDE, not True Red.


I could see this girl being afraid to open herself up, but brave enough to eventually try. Wanting acceptance and love, but not sure how to ask for it.

I would totally dance with this girl at a wedding.
DAW has SUCH expressive eyes. She’s got the perfect amount of vulnerability and insecurity that resides in Emma.

And she could be fresh faced, or tarted up a bit as a teen… I could see her trailing after her cousin and her best friend…

Basically, Deborah Ann Woll in these photos personifies Emma to a T.

You’d think I’d stop there, huh?

Hell, no. This blog isn’t long enough yet.

When I was thinking blonde, a few other actresses jumped out at me.

And the first made me ill. I cannot stand her, but this photo shows me a little fear of what’s about to happen when Mark walks in the room.

Don’t even get me started.

And to play “Six Degrees of Ryan Reynolds,” I threw in a little Blake Lively. But mostly because of the hair.
I mean, look at this:

Emma isn’t ALL sweetness and light. She’s holding onto some anger…Who do we know on tv that hides that anger with a gorgeous sweetness and light facade?

Quinn Fabray. This is a pic of actress Dianna Agron from the first season of Glee. I can totally see Emma off to the side, sending a glare Mark’s way for some dastardly deed that he’d just done to her.

Finally, THIS photo captures a bit of Emma’s turmoil. She’s tortured, sad, angry, wanting, needing, scared…And just beautiful….

Clemence Poesy…somewhat better known as “Fleur Delacour” from the Harry Potter movies.

There you have it. The four main players of this story I have been working on for nearly two and a half months. It took THIS long to get a real visual, a real hang of them.

I “wasted” a lot of time working on this blog, and last night’s…5 hours just tonight…I just realized that this was a necessary exercise, one that has helped me GREATLY.

ps I tried really hard to get the words and the pics to match up, but after 5 hours, I’m giving up.


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