Sleepover at Hell’s Tower–The Hook

“Just WHAT have you gotten me into this time, Jonas?”

Evie had a boulder in her stomach as she looked up at the sixteenth century Gothic castle.

The stone edifice was very…formidable, imposing.

It was freaking huge, and terrifying. It looked like Dracula’s summer home. Or what the delusionoids from Hot Topic pretended the mall to be.

Jonas grinned down at her, his blue eyes dancing.

“The locals call it ‘Hell’s Tower,'” he explained, handing her a pamphlet. “Legend is, this castle was built purely for torture. It was a sort of jailhouse for the most damned souls.”

Evie looked at him sharply. “You’ve brought me to a torture chamber for Spring Break? I TOLD you I wanted to spend a week on the beach. No where in that sentence did I say that I wanted to spend ANY amount of time in a torture chamber.” She socked him on the arm. “Get me out of here and find me a nice, American cheeseburger, PLEASE.”

She loved this boy, but his infatuation with real life horror and haunted houses was getting to be too much. So was that crazy smile on his face.

He shook his head. “Cheeseburgers later. Horrific history NOW.”

When she saw he wasn’t going to budge an inch, she made a sound of exasperation and crossed her arms over her chest.

She was trying to be fierce, but he only laughed at her. “Evie, it’s only for one night. If we survive the night, I’ll buy you all the cheeseburgers you want tomorrow.”

Her eyes widened. “WHAT? Jonas, you never said anything about spending the night here! I’ve seen this movie before! If we go in, we’re not coming out!”

He grinned at her and waved her off as he went to talk to the person in charge, leaving her to fume alone in her head.

She was infuriated. He never said anything about spending the night in the Castle of the Bloody Dead. She seriously needed to rethink this relationship.

She stomped off, cursing his name, using the entire broad spectrum of words she had in her disposal regarding the male anatomy. Good thing she had four languages under her belt.

By the time she had calmed down a little, she had made it to the back side of the building, back by the woods.

Just looking at the trees gave her the heebie jeebies, so she plopped down on the grass, her back to them to think about the torture she was going to inflict on Jonas once they got out of there.

“UGH!” she growled and fell back onto the soft grass, closing her eyes against the bright sun.

That’s when she heard the screams.

Her eyes popped open and she sat straight up, looking around for the source of the scream. She didn’t see anything wrong until she turned her head a little to the right, towards the trees.

That’s when she saw the ghost. Or the apparition. Or the hallucination brought on by jet lag and the high altitude.

Her jaw dropped as she saw this voluminous, spectral, white…whatever it was…running towards the castle.

Her eyes could not get any wider as she watched it disappear through stone. Then she blinked once, set her jaw, and started digging through her purse for the keys to the rental that Jonas had given her upon arrival.

She was leaving. NOW. With or without him.

She had heard one piece of advice from a television show she’d watched recently that had stuck with her: “There’s no upside in screwing with things you can’t explain.”

There was no way for her to be able to explain what she saw, and there was no way she would be entering that place to screw with it.

She clutched the keys in her fist and took off at a fast clip. She was pretty sure they’d passed a McDonald’s twenty minutes back.


2 thoughts on “Sleepover at Hell’s Tower–The Hook

  1. Yes! Back to the McDonald’s! So refreshing to get a POV that doesn’t mess with things they can’t handle. My favorite line was “Good thing she had four languages under her belt.” Says a lot about both her character and her opinion of her boyfriend’s shenanigans.
    A fun read all together.

    • Thank you! This week’s Tuesday Tales was definitely challenging. I could have totally gone the route of getting them inside and bad stuff happening, but I’m not a Saw/Hostel kind of gal. I’m all for hightailing it to the nearest Cracker Barrel. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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