Boom Goes the Dynamite

So you know how I was pretty much done with this WiP, except for the very last part of Chapter 20?

You don’t?

Well, keep up. I pretty much had everything done, minus a few spots in Chs 13 and 14, and the end of 20. Looking at Chapter 18 and 19, it appears…


It appears that I have LOST, or MISPLACED, some really big chunks of stuff that I had written.

The stuff wasn’t brilliant, by any means, but it was perfect for my needs. I have NO idea where it went. It’s not where it SHOULD be. I’ve been VERY careful to save things where they need to be, yet…

Gone. Two, three, really big scenes are GONE. I have NO IDEA where they are, which means…


I have to start ALL over on the ending.

I may cry.

Don’t you DARE say, “Maybe it’s for the best. Maybe you’ll come up with something better.”

I will CUT YOU.

I needed those chunks to fix up and maneuver. I had some info in there that I needed to get out.

I’m going to continue to look for what I’ve lost. It HAS to be here SOMEWHERE.



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