lfjshfklfj FLERM-Brain Overload

So my brain shut down about two or three hours before work was over. I couldn’t even form complete sentences. People were asking me for wine recommendations and to me, it sounded like I was on something injectable.

For the record, I wasn’t.

And I possibly just made up that word, injectable.

After six days in a row, I just wanted to go home and watch my tv and work on my story. Never mind the fact that one of my friends was having her birthday party tonight(AND she’s just gotten engaged!). I tried to speak to the young hottie at the gas station across the street, but it wasn’t working all that well, so it was probably best that I brought my ass HOME, instead of going out for a drink and celebrating with her.

She may not see it that way, but really, I haven’t been ANYONE’S friend lately. Nor have I been OUT lately. I haven’t been social since June, so I’m definitely due for a night out, but since drinking is probably a bad idea for me right now, home is really where I needed to be.

It took FOREVER, but I finally finished the new stuff in Chapter 13. FOREVER. I don’t know WHY it took that long, but it did. Once Chapter 13 was taken care of, there was still some new stuff for Chapter 14 to think up, but once THAT was down, I flew through the rest of the mini edits.

So tonight, I am reporting on FIVE chapters, which means I only have about THREE to go. /// And then it’s back to the beginning to read through it all and make some notes on the story, write down questions I need to answer….I think I need to figure out where to put PHYSICAL descriptions, since I’ve barely touched on eye and hair color. I think.

Like I said, it’s been a long week. There was a full moon, right? And Thursday was the 13th, and for me, that’s WAY to close to being a Friday the 13th, so this week was a little nuts.

And now it’s time to go lie down. I’m worn the hell out.

So, here’s your rundown:

Chapter 13 has 8 pages and 2046 words.
Chapter 14 has 10 pages and 2555 words.
Chapter 15 has 5 pages and 1409 words.
Chapter 16 has 7 pages and 1947 words.
Chapter 17 has 7 pages and 1930 words.

That’s a lot of brain vomit.
Hopefully it makes sense. I’ve got a couple of readers going through this draft for fun. Fingers crossed that it entertains and…whatever else it’s supposed to do.

Yeah. Brain overload. Brain shutdown.

I need to feed the fish. I’m getting the “eye.”

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