That’s the sound that my brain made today after it exploded.

Suffice it to say, it’s been a helluva week. It wasn’t necessarily a BAD week for me, just flipping chaotic.

Lemme tell you a secret. I thrive on chaos.

And boy do I have it in abundance.

So. I JUST finished transcribing Chapter 18! Woot. Only two more rewritten/reimagined chapters to go. yaaaaay.

I was so hoping to be done before the Rescheduled Rapture, but October 21st is here. No dice. Oh well.

At least I got this one done. 10 pages, 2562 words. Some of the goodness came back to me so I could re-include it. I hope the magic continues for Chapter 19. I have NO freaking clue how I started it. And starting is the hardest part.

But so is ending. I have a tendency to just keep going, even when it’s all over. Like now, for instance. I’ve given you the information that I need to, but I’m still rambling.

Ok. I’ll end this post with a promise. One day soon, maybe once I’ve got these final two chapters in a rough form, I’m going to post some of the spam comments I’ve gotten on my blog…I want to see if YOU can make any sense of them. They’re all pretty generic, for the most part, and when I look back at the blogs they are referring to, it cracks me up just a little, b/c they are saying things that make NO sense.

OH. And I will also throw down my Tuesday Tales and Menage Monday entries. They might be entertaining for a short read, maybe you can get a sense of my style of writing that isn’t a blog.

And MAYBE I’ll hook the blog up with some redesigning or something.

You know what? Just like Donna said to Ten, (and I’m paraphrasing here), “Sometimes you need someone there to stop you.”

So I’m stopping.

Right now.

Good night.

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