Happy Halloween!

Thought I would throw in some Halloween spirit in the form of this week’s Menage Monday contest entry.

Why did she decide to WALK to this party? Why was that ever a good idea in this town? Especially NOW, when God-knows-what was chasing her. Whatever it was was hot on her heels and getting closer.

Amy tried to put on some speed and grace and NOT trip over the Railroad Tracks to Hell, but it was getting difficult.

WHY was whatever it was chasing HER, and WHY was it guiding her down the tracks to Creepy Skull Mountain?

Ok, it didn’t really matter WHY it was after her, only that she needed to get AWAY from it.

She thought she’d outsmarted it by losing the red cloak flowing out behind her and then doubling back, but the wily creature was hot on her tail still. She just ended up running in circles anyway, making herself dizzy, and getting her wig caught on the low-hanging branches.

“Dammit! That thing cost a hundred bucks!” she huffed, wincing at the stitch in her side.

All thoughts of her poor costume flew out of her head when she heard snarling and growling behind her. She kept her legs pumping, her slippered feet getting cut by the stabby rocks on the dry ground.

All the running and fear and adrenaline was making her nauseous. Every deep breath was a cause for alarm. Never mind the darkness and the howling Boriphaginae behind her. The nausea and her clumsiness might be the end of her, she thought as that last stumble sent her to her knees.

“Great. I’m covered in blood,” she moaned in disgust. “Make it easier for them to find you, why don’t you?” She whipped around, realizing that the howls were coming from a different direction.

She scrambled her to feet, uncertain which way to run. It seemed as if the sounds were all around her. Then she heard, close to her feet: “Stop bloody running. You’re a damned hard monarch to protect.”

Amy whirled around, but saw no one. Her eyes lowered to see a humongous wolf or dog or whatever it was, sitting on his haunches, his teeth bared.

“Excuse me?”

She wasn’t sure, but she thought the wolf gave her a dirty look. “Stay where you are,” he commanded in a low growl before turning his head back up to the moon and giving a shrill howl.

“I have the Queen, everyone continue to protect the perimeter,” his voice boomed.
Amy stared at the dog/wolf/being in part fear and part disbelief. “Oh. Never saw that coming,” she mumbled just before hitting the ground in a dead faint.

To check out the original entry or join in on the fun, go here: http://www.caramichaels.com/defiantlyliterate/


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