NaNoWriMo Day 6–Daylight Savings Sunday: Captain’s Log

So did I tell you? I decided on Brandon.

You know, instead of Mark.

I needed a two-syllable name that didn’t really speak of any ethnicity of any kind. Brandon seemed like the right choice.

Ok, so I got Ch 7-10 taken care of. I’m not sure if I was thorough enough or not. There’s at least one more pass to go… I’ll find whatever I missed. Or whatever you folks on Book Country tell me I missed, lol.

I’m posting this story, chapter by chapter…There are a few chapters up, and more will occur soon.

So. the Run Down:
Ch 7 lost 33 words, but is a page longer than it was originally. It went from 8 to 9 pages, and from 2399 words to 2366.

Ch 8 went from 6 to 7 pages, 1461 words to 1637 words.
Ch 9 went from 9 to 6 pages. 2416 to 1469 words.
Ch 10 remained at 10 pages, dropped a few words 2688-2630.

And I’ve only got 6 chapters to go. There’s something wrong. I can’t be THIS close already. It’s only Nov. 6. Hmmmm.


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