NaNoWriMo Day 7–Natural Disasters Edition: Captain’s Log

Earthquakes this weekend. Tornadoes all day. Another earthquake. Then a tsunami/hurricane/tropical storm/deluge ….

….an hour later…

Yeah, I had to run out to the 7-11 for some supplies for the natural disasters currently occurring. Also, it’s my day off tomorrow, and I’m not going to want to leave if the apocalypse is outside. Although, I probably should have bought more than a Big Gulp, pack of Camels, and a Nestle Crunch.

Oh well.

So I left my all-important Stats notebook at work tonight, so here are the highlights from my NaNo Day:

2776 words, 10 pages–Ch11
I did the first tiny part of Ch 12, too, but in order to avoid my own confusion, I’m going to include it in tomorrow’s tally.

So, if you don’t hear from me by this time tomorrow, I may have been swallowed up in a sink hole in the middle of Oklahoma.


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