NaNoWriMo Day 8–Tuesday’s Gone: Captain’s Log

So I found my notebook. I didn’t actually leave it at work. I never know WHAT is written inside my cute little notebooks that no one needs to be reading.

This notebook is filled mostly with stats and research and questions. It’s way more important than anything else I could have a notebook filled with.

It would be like losing my prompt book during tech week of a play. I would lose my damn mind. And things would be thrown.

Even if I never look at anything in the notebook, it’s very important I don’t let it out of my sight.

Ok, so…stats for today:

Ch 12 went from 1889 words, 8 pages to 1924 words and 7 pages.
Ch 13 had 8 pages, 2022 words, it now contains 9 pages and 2394 words.
Ch 14 Was cut from 10 pages to 8, from 2555 words to 2139 words.
And I’m 2084 words into chapter 15.

Except for when I was sleeping, I was working. I got a little bit done. I may get close to nothing done tomorrow.

But for now, it’s time to get back at it.


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