NaNoWriMo Day 13–I’m Still Here: Captain’s Log

Oh, that’s funny. “Captain’s Log.” I’m watching the new Star Trek movie. I should be wearing a dress and holding a beer right now.

Sorry. Different train of thought.

I’m here. Sorry I skipped a few posts, but after I finished, I took a day off, and then started in on rewrite 3. I’m on Chapter Six so far. I’ve actually added stuff to make the story better. I hope the changes flow. They’d better flow. I’d be pissed if it was disjointed.

But what do I know? Unless I’m really dissecting a sentence under a microscope(like I’m doing in rw3), it’s all disjointed to me.

I blame the speed reading class my fifth grade teacher put me in. I read entirely too fast, picking up on major details, missing others…I get the jist, but I don’t enjoy the journey.

It’s a blessing AND a curse. It means I can read an entire book (think Deathly Hallows) and then start in on another and watch the movie before another person has finished reading the first book.
It also means I don’t take my time to soak everything in. My brain feels like it’s a race to the finish and get ahead.

Speed reading ruins lives.

Before I go, I’d just like to congratulate the nephew and his wife on their new daughter. (Prayers for them, please).

& Happy Birthday to my dad. 11/13/33-5/25/05

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