There’s a Situation

And I’m not talking about the Oompa Loompa with abs from Jersey Shore.

The cops are here. Wait. Well…they WERE. I don’t see any lights flashing like just a few minutes ago. I don’t hear anything outside.

Wait. What was that? WHO IS COMING DOWN THE STAIRS???

Ok, so here’s the deal. I think someone was trying to elude arrest, and hole up in his apartment. There was pounding. I thought some folks were having a fight.

And then the cops are there. Then they are using a bull horn.

I’m trying to clean my house, but am terrified to move. Ok, I wasn’t too terrified to make a sandwich a few minutes ago, but I figure the quieter I am, the better. Running the vacuum would only exacerbate things, yes?

So I’m sitting here, updating Facebook, Tweeting, blogging. Just in case something crazy happens. I don’t know what is happening NOW, but I have been in this situation for an hour…

Oh. I don’t see cars and lights b/c they are probably agitating dude upstairs. But the cops are still here, still trying to get the dude to come out.

Ok, yeah. Still terrified. If there are any new developments…I’ll let you know…

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