NaNoWriMo Day @#–Middle of the Night Busy Work: Captain’s Log

I forgot to check in after the situation the other day.

I’m fine.

APPARENTLY, dude that lives upstairs and across–the one who hits on me constantly–was involved in some sort of…domestic situation the led to him eluding arrest and locking himself in his apartment and the cops were called.

All of them. And really cute ones came to evacuate me. I got to sit in the back of a cop car while it all went down. It was crazy.

It bothers me a little that I wasn’t feeling scared. I was scared enough to cease all movements and turn out all the lights. And make a sandwich. It was a really good sandwich.

I was cooking a baked potato when they came to evacuate me. They barely gave me time to turn off the oven before hustling me out.

I was digressing.

I think I’ll digress further and update the Nano project, which now has an actual, factual title: Cracks in the Sidewalk.

And now I’m at the point where I’m going thru the thing line by line, wanting more, yet hating it at the same time.

I’ve been on Chapter One for three days. I’m just now at page 7/12.

Oh. OH OH OH. AND I figured out that I’m even further under 50k than I thought. I accidentally doubled a chapter somewhere. So now I’m just under 40k. And am not too much closer to figuring out what else to throw in.

I do not usually have this problem. I’m highly prolific. The first story that I finished is way over 100k. Like, way. So this is really different, not being able to throw more words up.


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