The End? Yeah, right.

I’m closer to the end…SORT OF.

I found out that I messed up somewhere and doubled a chapter, so instead of being at 42k or so, I actually ended up under 40k.

Yay. Oh. No, wait. NOT YAY.

But now, I’m at the point in the process where it’s all about fine tooth combing. By that, I mean looking at each and every sentence and scene one tiny bit at a time.

It’s taken me two weeks to deal with two chapters.


I’m also at the point where I ABSOLUTELY HATE this story and want to club my characters like baby seals.

But I love it, too. I can’t wait to get back on it.

Sort of. I’m taking it slow. It’s a little bit more difficult…but it’s a little easier.

Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense.

I at least have a better handle on things. It’s easier to flesh the story out a bit better, now that I know what’s going on. I just need to step back a tiny bit and not obsess and flip out.

So I’m going slowly. Taking larger breaks. Hopefully I’ll get this mess done before the end of the year. I’m not exactly sure if this one is something I can send to publishers, or if this is something I should take care of on my own. Bless Book Country for now having a self-publishing section on their site now. A hundred bucks will get me digitally published.

That is GREAT news. Except for the fact that I have ZERO bucks, LOL.
That being said, I DO have a Donation button on the blog here, so if anyone is interested in helping, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. But this time of year is crazy, so don’t worry too much about it!

This month wasn’t too terribly different from the rest of the months I’ve been working on this story. I just got a lot more done, I think. Oh, maybe not.

BUT BUT BUT I DID get a title out of this month, thanks to my buddy @RockStartist:

Cracks in the Sidewalk

Now. I just have to actually FINISH THIS NONSENSE so I can move on. Or go BACK and work on one of the four projects I abandoned for this one.

Wish me luck!

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