A Return to…*Kanye Shrug* Words and Stuff/We Were On A Break

It’s nearly 2 am on December 6. I have done virtually NOTHING in regards to my WiP, which is now called “Cracks in the Sidewalk.”

I’m at the fine-tooth-combing portion of the whole shebang, which, once I can really get going, will be awesome for the story.

I needed a break even though I really wanted to keep trudging on. I’ve been working on this story since August 1.

I fear this break is detrimental. Now I don’t want ANYTHING to do with this story, and am REALLY wanting to go on to other projects.


I absolutely MUST see this one through to the end. I am so close to the Finish line that I can see it.

But I look at the words on the page and can’t figure out what to do with them. It’s like looking at the math section of the ACTs or SATs and you’re trying to find out what x equals.

I fear my muse has gone on Christmas vacation already. Lame. I really wanted this one to be mostly taken care of by the first of the year. I guess it still can, if I work my ass off…But I’m already working my ass off at my job-job. It’s our busy time of year right now, and that leaves little time for just resting.

Sure, it’s nearly 2 am. I COULD be working right now.

But I’m not.

For some reason, I haven’t been able to sleep very well, lately. 4 am has been my bedtime for a bit, now, but I still can’t get my brain to function enough to string some sentences together and edit this mess.
Then, when I DO get to sleep, I wake up with just enough time to down a Dr. Pepper to wake up while I’m watching One Life to Live before it’s time to go to work. Then I’m stressed out at work. I come home, eat, and mess about on the net.

Twitter has taken up a lot of time I could be using to write.

But like I said, I needed a break. Hopefully I can get my ass in gear and get four or five little paragraphs down so I can move through Chapter Freaking Three tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

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