Inspiration Struck…

today after I finished watching the finale of One Life to Live.

Watching the show today, I wasn’t only inspired by the characters, the actors, the words, but the general writing structures and techniques that were employed. I caught some overly predictable and sappy (which I loved), and something not quite predictable and surprising (which I triple loved!)

(OMG, y’all. I don’t think y’all know just how happy that reveal in the last scene made me. THAT is what made me sob like a little bitch.)

I had made sure to ask off of work for this final show, knowing I would be a mess if I went into public today. Instead, I stayed at home, talked about soaps, and finished the next edits for Cracks in the Sidewalk.

Everybody say Heeeyyyyyoooooo!

I’m about two or three weeks behind in my schedule, but I blame Christmas Retail Hell for that. I was just too wiped out to even think about my story.

Now, I’m going to prepare to send it to beta readers and post it on Book Country. Oh, and guess what? So far, it is now 190 pages, 15 chapters, and 50,396 words. I finally met that goal. I added a LOT of stuff.

Oh my LAWD, I hope i am getting closer to a final edit. I’m getting antsy about wanting the writing on this one to be done so that I can work on other projects while sending out letters and whatnot.

I also have to come up with a list of questions to ask my beta readers. Oh. I have to come up with a list of beta readers.

Well, I’ll get right on that. Right about this victory bowl of cereal. Cheers!

PS. I tried a chardonnay this week called Simple Life. It was a fruity, crisp, acidic chard. And it was good. If you’re a wine lover, check it out.


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