I’m Still Here!

But I’ve been slacking a little. Not gonna lie.
I’ve not been able to sleep correctly or focus. Out of meds again, so focus is very hard to come by these days. (Hey, the corners you cut when the IRS decides it needs more money from you.)

Anyway, I finished the last draft of “Physical Therapy,” as I’m now calling the WiP, and sent it out to some personal betas/editors, and also posted it in its erroneous entirety on Book Country. I’ve gotten a good chunk of feedback from the readers, but I wanted to hold out for some more before I got started again.

But I really need to get started again. I can’t blame EVERYTHING on my fudged up sleep cycles, especially since I work mostly at night anyway.
I can’t blame the other WiP I’ve been working on. I got the 19 chapters I’ve already got transcribed, into a doc on the computer, and I’ve even started the beginnings of cleaning it up, but I really want to get back to work on PT.

HOWEVER, in the meantime, I’m making my head explode by watching LOST. Des is AT THIS MOMENT, trying to call Penny from the freighter on Christmas Eve. This Saturday will be the two week mark of my LOST re-watch, and I’m already a third of the way through season 4.

In addition to my maniacal LOST viewings, I’ve also been cleaning house, trying to get rid of the clutter that’s messing with my Muse. I have clean laundry, I can see the floor in my bedroom, things are going into their places. I’m slacking on that, too, but damn. I have a FT job and three or four other personalities to attend to in a day.

With that, I’ll leave you with this, the only thing that has, thus far, made me cry like a little bitch during this re-watch. My apologies if this is a spoiler to you, but it’s 2012. You should have seen this by now.

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