Peeking Through the Fog

It’s been a while since my last post, so I will totally forgive you if you’ve forgotten me.
I’ve just been working, or trying to work, really hard on Physical Therapy. Sheesh. For a project I started from nothing and cared not a whit for, it has certainly been a big part of my life for nearly a WHOLE year now.
Not only have I been striving for perfection on this story, but I’ve been trying very hard to learn about the business of writing.
Dude, when I was little and wanted to be a writer, all I thought I had to do was WRITE.
I was wrong, so so wrong.
Now, in addition to coming up with stories, and edits, and rewrites, I’m thinking about covers, self publishing, whether or not to set up an LLC…My brain is turning to mush.

I’m thinking about going the self publishing route for this first book, mainly because it IS the first, and it’s not like anything else I’ve written. I’m not entirely sure it gives an accurate representation of my style and interests. It’s way too sweet. There’s not a ton of sexual goodness involved, and I don’t know these characters half as much as I know the characters in my other WIPs that I’m working on.
I just want to put this one out there to the world, just to see what kind of reception I can get, I think, and to get as much feedback as I possibly can while I’m working on these other pieces that are SCREECHING at me to finish them.
But OH MY GAWD. Everything seems SO FREAKING DIFFICULT and red tape-y.
As it is bedtime and I SHOULD be going to bed, I’ll sign off now.

BUT if any of you out there in the ether have any information or advice or assistance they are willing to give, please do so. It will all be super appreciated.
I promise to be a little less absent from my poor blog in the future.
*Soft blog, warm blog. Little ball of words. Lazy blog, pretty blog. Purr purr purr.”