It’s Been A Year??? Already????

Yes. Yes it has.

It has been EXACTLY one year since I began my novel challenge.

Ok, this novel challenge was supposed to be 30 days, but here I am, a year later, and guess what?

I am EXTREMELY close to a finished product, and am hoping to announce that I will be publishing it sometime this fall.

*waits for cheers and applause*

I’ve decided to go the self pub route on this one. It was written in a very different way, in a very different world, than my other projects. I just want to get this work out there and see how it’s received, get reviews and feedback to make sure I’m doing it right, I guess.

I’m not saying I WON’T go traditional, just that as long as I’m challenging myself, I might as well see it through on my own to the end.

I’ve learned a lot over the past year. First of all, I’ve learned you really can’t write a novel in 30 days. Ok, well, *I* can’t. Others can, but it might not be the tops, you know?

I reached past the norm, dug into some emotions, went to a place I have never really been and just kind of kept at it. You know the old adage, “Write what you know”? Yeah, I didn’t know this part of the world. I created this tiny little world from scratch. I didn’t even know the characters when I started, didn’t care a fig for them. But now that it’s almost time to let Emma and Brandon out into the wild, I’m finding it hard to let them go.  Although, if my brain continues to think the way it is, I may not have to let them go completely.

But that’s another story for another day.

It’s been one year. I’m still here. I haven’t given up. I am almost finished. There WILL be a book this fall, even if I have to use a pre-made book cover from a website(trust me, it’ll be better than the one I tried to make on my own!).  I mean, I have an ISBN already. There’s no turning back.

I’m still fighting the fight, to KEEP ROMANCE ALIVE.

Happy Anniversary to me, and Emma and Brandon.



PS. Thanks to all who’ve come along on the journey with me. Y’all have helped me out of the ditch more than once.