NaNoWriMo: The 2012 Edition–Day One

It’s been nearly 24 hours since I began this year’s NaNo adventure, and I’ve got 2011 words down!





Pleased to have met my goal for day 1, with a cushion of 11 words.

I’m celebrating by re-watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries from the beginning. (Today is Darcy Day, y’all!) The Lydia image is perf and totes adorbs.


Ok, I almost gagged typing that, lol, but I do love me some Lydia.


Anyhoo, not sure if I’ve mentioned it anywhere, but my NaNo project is to edit my second first novel (which is actually my third first novel, if you’ve been reading that one bit of mess I wrote in high school–don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten it. You’ll get the rest of what’s there.) My project is called Maybe This Time and is set in the world of community theater. Or theatre. (I use the latter constantly to be perverse so I have no idea which one I really should be using.)

The theatre actually happens to fall under the heading of My Personal Expertise. Or at least Things I Actually Know About Because I Lived In The World. I spent plenty of time there. I had been on my way to be a Spanish or English teacher when I was derailed and my hobo ass hopped on the train to Crazy Town.

Don’t let me fool you, Crazy Town was awesome. (Until it wasn’t.) That world gave me a lot of experience–work AND life experience. I’m finding my theatre years super helpful in the Land of the Verbose.

Ooops! Look at that. It’s now officially Day 2 of NaNo. I’d better get on those edits!


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