The NaNoWriMo Adventure: Day 4–What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been (so far)

So we’re here at the fourth day of this challenge and I haven’t updated since the first day. I haven’t really gotten anything done since that first day.


But I have a really good excuse.





In addition to stupid work taking up my time, I spent a couple of hours in the ER

on Friday night freaking out about possibly having a heart condition.

Long story short, I’d been having these incredibly strange chest pains all week, and my mind was going to the worst possible place(b/c of family history & my lifestyle).

So I was flipping out. My mind couldn’t calm down and it got worse and weirder until I finally snapped and flipped out on a couple of people who decided to freak me out and then mock and laugh at me when I allowed my fears to spill out.

Note to everyone in the world: When confronted with someone who is freaking out over their health, the correct thing to do is NOT mock and laugh at their fears. The only time when a health condition is even MAYBE funny is when someone accidentally has an erection that won’t go away, and even then, it’s borderline.


That’s when I decided to go into the ER after work on Friday night. I was there for nearly 3 hours, with my own little medical team fussing over me and asking for my wine and liquor expertise. It was incredibly nice having someone else do the worrying for me, even for just a little while. After they took my blood and injected some medicine, which helped immensely and immediately, I just got to sit in a quiet room on a comfy bed and relax. It was a couple of hours where I felt absolutely free, and a lot lighter. (That may have been the meds, though.)

So I didn’t get much done. I had my notebook with me at the ER, so I got a few lines rewritten while I was there. I transcribed everything that I got last night. I got about 823 words in for Day 2. Day 3 was pretty much a total wash, as even though I wasn’t feeling well, I had a full day of work. So I’m a little behind. I’d better get started.





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