NaNoWriMo Day 30: The Finish Line

The FINISH line.

*uproarious laughter*


As I decided to edit an existing manuscript, I wasn’t starting from scratch. Here it is, Day 30, and I only JUST printed the second half out for edits. It’s a 113k book that needs to be cut down to 60-75k.











I had that naive faith that I could get that to happen in thirty days.


Just like last year, when I thought I could be done, COMPLETELY, in thirty days. From scratch to the edits.

Flippin’ hilarious.

Anyway, I set my ultimate goal as 60-75k, but if I made the 50k mark I would be happy.

54,019 words are in the computer and there are another thousand words waiting to be transcribed.  But on the bright side, I’ve already cut huge chunks from the beginning of the second half, and I’m getting excited about rewrites. So I’ll continue to inform you about my progress.

How did you guys do? Did you make your goals? Did you have any revelations, any “A-ha!” moments?

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