Raise your hand if you remember the Great Space Coaster and Gary Gnu.



Ok, I remember Gary Gnu and him doing the News/Gnus and him always saying “No Gnus is Good Gnus” and it popped into my head today before I started writing this post.

So there’s some reasoning.

Anyway, it’s been a little radio silent since the Turtle Snuggie post, but no news is good news, right? It means I’ve been working, right?


Here’s what I’ve been doing:

Going to the gym (which is a HUGE thing for me),

working on getting a mailing list together,

working on my website (which, once it’s launched, will be Samantha12Jane.com—SamanthaJane.com is already taken)

putting together a Tumblr

and now I have a Facebook author page, which is ready for some Likes. SO….


There, on Valentine’s Day, I will be releasing an excerpt of my first soon to be released novel Physical Therapy, so if you wanna see, go show some love.


And if you remember The Great Space Coaster, can you tell me what the HELL this is???

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