OTP Friday: Nick and Jess

You cannot tell me you don’t think Nick and Jess from New Girl aren’t just the most adorable thing next to cardboard boxes filled with puppies. You cannot, because I will not listen.


Nick and Jess are roommates who became friends, who became more than friends in the span of a couple of years. She’s a quirky, strange schoolteacher, he’s a smart, Grumpy Cat-style bartender with issues. They bring out the hidden in one another. For all that Nick acts like an old, crotchety man, he’s surprisingly sweet and tender, and Jess, for all her loquaciousness, is a bit insecure. Their weird parts fit like a jigsaw puzzle.


I am Nick Miller and Nick Miller is perfect for me. Thrifty, strange, smart, sexy, normal, funny…ordinary in the best way possible.

We could all use a Nick Miller in our lives. Especially when he’s dressed in a waistcoat. Or a plaid flannel.

Especially if he can kiss.


To check out some sexy Nick/Jess moments, click HERE.

(images via Google & Fanpop)

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