You Belong To Me

I believe in Soul Mates. I believe that certain people are meant to be together. I don’t know if I necessarily believe in Destiny, per se, but I do believe that certain people are meant to be together, even if they never meet in life. The Happily Ever After is only one side of the coin, only one end of the Alternate Universe spectrum. There could be Soul Mates on opposite sides of the world, not knowing that the other piece that would help them Level Up is half a world away, mooning and sighing over the same thing, brokenhearted because the pain never ends.

There are people who love each other, people who complete each other, people who get each other, who balance one another, get under one another’s skin and settle into the bones, staking their claim. In my world, many Soul Mates are the bestest of friends. They have their own lives, other friends, other interests, but they have each other at the end of the day. They have a friend to watch the Super Bowl with. A sweetheart to buy Valentine candy for. They have someone to spoon with, to share things with, to cook for, to make smile, to hold hands with, to surprise…They have someone to love, who gets them, knows them inside and out, has seen them at their best and their worst who stays and loves them for the flaws, and they patch up each other’s cracks with the gold that is their love, making their partner the most beautiful being in creation.

Love, passion, confidence, understanding…Intimate looks that say so much without one word uttered, that tether that connects the two souls to one another, the way they are so in tune with one another, the support and trust of one another allowing them to be open and vulnerable…Fights so intense the cops might be called…The fine line between Love and Hate being danced upon…

There are two sides to every story. Finding your Soul Mate can be the best or the worst thing that could happen to you. Probably both.

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