OTP Friday: Destiel

Ok, so TECHNICALLY they aren’t a couple. TECHNICALLY. And there are many who would say that they will never, ever BE a couple, that there is absolutely ZERO chemistry between the two, and that their relationship is that of brothers.

Yes, but have you SEEN the eye sex?

Back in the early days of Supernatural, I was an occasional viewer. I was rarely home, and when I was  I was paying more attention to that show starring the Black Smoke. Wait. They both have Black Smoke. The one with The Island.

It took eight seasons for me to sit down and just watch the newer eps. Of course, there was this whole Destiel thing that I was hearing about on Twitter and Tumblr, so I had to check it out. There was meta, fanvids, links to fan fiction (Yeah, whatever. Fan Fiction is for nerds), gifs (not jifs) with the eyesex, photos of the actors…Oh, it was like a candy store, and everything was Godiva chocolate.

So, to recap, I’ve been shipping Destiel since before I actively started watching the show. Then I started watching season 8. At that point, I wasn’t watching with my Shipper Goggles, but I was aware of the chemistry between the two characters and was keeping a look out for any evidence that I was crazy, and also some that proved I wasn’t.

Fast Forward to the second half of season 8. I was ON TOP of it. I’d watched ALL of the episodes, some more than others, and I was starting to get into the SPN fandom. And fanfiction. After episode 8.17, “Goodbye Stranger” aired, I browsed through the ff archive and found a story that picked up where the episode left off and unfolded perfectly…in FanFiction Land. Six episodes later I was outlining my own story to deal with during the summer hiatus. Millions of words later and here I am, swimming in Destiel, aka Dean/Cas fic.

Watch the show with and without Shipper Goggles and it’s undeniable. The chemistry, that is. And even if they don’t get together on the show, even if Destiel doesn’t become canon on the show, there are stories, thousands of stories where they do.

And yes, there are a lot of pornier stories in this particular fandom, and some of them are just horrible, porn for the sake of porn, and that’s fine. They aren’t for me. I like the dirty, classy, well-written porn with a plot, thanks.

My point is, not all of the Destiel stories are porn. My favorites are the ones that have the clear connection between the two characters, the ones where their souls shine through, the ones where the love and affection are PURE.

This is my ship. I hold the belief that the souls of the two characters, live on in Alternate Universes. I was introduced to the pair on the show, but THAT is just one of many AUs.

These guys have a “profound bond” and they are family, because we all know that family don’t end in blood. They are best friends and hurt when the other does.

Best friends keep mementos of their friends, right? Like when your friend turns into a vessel for all of the worst monsters in the world and becomes the “New God” and they wade out into the local water supply and the only thing that comes back is your friend’s trench coat, you’ve got to keep it, right? It’s the only thing you have left of them, so you shuttle it from car to car, hovel to hovel. That’s normal, right? Just besties behavior?

Just watch THIS little scene and tell me that’s BFF behavior.

Well, regardless of whether The Powers That Be will see fit to bring them together, my ship lives on in the written word. They can hunt together in a Canonverse or they can be Punks, Nerds, high schoolers, mechanics, bartenders, baristas, angels, priests, mermen, octopi, they can be cheats, cops, mobsters, teddy bear doctors…All that matters is somewhere out there is that perfect story, that perfect ending that brings the two together…even if it never comes true in the “real world.”

Here’s a fanvid in the manner of a movie trailer that shows off some of that chemistry and connection. The Profound Bond.

(all images found via Tumblr. Bless you, SPN Fam.)

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